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Very superb information on doodle dogs

In this blog post are pictures of the original breed of the pet positioned on the left as well as the actually cute outcomes when that original pet dog breed is mix with a poodle to the right of the original breed. The following photo is that of the Bernese mountain pet dog as well as Bernedoodle. The pictures that have actually been positioned following are ones of the Bichon Frise as well as Bich-poo as well as Boston terrier and also Bossi-poo specifically. So look into extremely great information on dalmatian mixes you always wanted.
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1. Saint Berdoodle

Saint Bernard + Poodle = Saint Berdoodle

2. Bernedoodle

Bernese Mountain Dog + Poodle = Bernedoodle

3. Bassetoodle

Basset Hound + Poodle = Bassetoodle

4. Boxerdoodle

Boxer + Poodle = Boxer Doodle

5. Dalmadoodle

Dalmatian + Poodle = Dalmadoodle

6. Bich-poo

Bichon Frise + Poodle = Bich-poo

7. Bossi-poo

Boston Terrier + Poodle = Bossi-poo

8. Lhasapoo

Lhasa Apso + Poodle = Lhasa Poo

9. Chi-poo

Chihuahua + Poodle = Chi-poo

10. Cavapoo

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel + Poodle = Cavapoo

11. Eskapoo

American Eskimo Dog + Poodle = Eskapoo

12. Flandoodle

Bouvier des Flandres + Poodle = Flandoodle

13. Whoodle

Wheaten Terrier + Poodle = Whoodle

14. Foodle

Toy Fox Terrier + Poodle = Foodle

15. Giant Schnoodle

Giant Schnauzer + Poodle = Giant Schnoodle

16. Great Danoodle

Great Dane + Poodle = Great Danoodle

17. Jack-A-Poo

Jack Russell Terrier + Poodle = Jack-A-Poo

18. Pekepoo

Pekingese + Poodle = Pekepoo

19. Cadoodle

Collie + Poodle = Cadoodle

20. Poo-Shi

Shina Ibu + Poodle + Poo-Shi

21. Weimardoodle

Weimaraner + Poodle = Weimardoodle

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