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Amazing awesome bronze infinity sculpture

Hopkinton, Massachusetts-based stone carver Michael Alfano makes dreamlike models that utilization the human body and face to equate philosophical ideas. The proficient craftsman ‘s manifestations obscure the line amongst allegorical and dynamic as every piece joins parts of both to introduce an intriguing structure. Working essentially in bronze, chilly cast copper, and tar, the local New Yorker-turned-New Englander physically speaks with complex musings and expressions in a refreshingly innovative way. Alfano visualizes human expressions and conditions of evaluation by combining images and the human figure. A ” inspecting brain” is suddenly an enigma that is obviously cut out of a model of a human face.
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Hopkinton, Massachusetts-based sculptor Michael Alfano creates surreal sculptures that use the human body and face to interpret philosophical ideas. The gifted artist’s creations blur the line between figurative and abstract as each piece incorporates elements of both to present a thought-provoking structure. Alfano says, “The best art engages, generates discussion, and brings about change. My art compels viewers to experience, think, and understand life more fully.”

Working primarily in bronze, cold cast copper, and resin, the native New Yorker-turned-New Englander physically represents complex thoughts and phrases in a refreshingly imaginative way. Alfano visualizes human expressions and states of contemplation by merging symbols and the human figure. A “questioning mind” is suddenly a question mark that is seemingly carved out of a sculpture of a human face. Similarly, an “infinite mind” is an infinity symbol that doubles as an resting head.


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