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Amazing awesome glass space

The trends of fashion are altering in every season and you will get to see something brand-new in the market in practically every year. There are some special kinds of pendants that can improve your charm and the design declaration by offering a contemporary and special appearance. These pendants are basic but the style is unique as these resemble area glass. The looks of these pendants are so lovely that you may cannot resist from buying them. The specialized of these pendants is that it has made in hand and developed by a talented artist.
So search for glass pendents today.
If you are looking for cosmos glass, you have actually stay on the appropriate web page.

Via: mymodernmet

Ever wanted to know what it felt like to hold the cosmos on the end of a string? Japanese glass artist Satoshi Tomizu gives you the opportunity to experience something kind of close, with his stunning handmade art, Space Glass. His pendants are very simple, but incredibly beautiful, as Tomizu appears to capture a universe inside every delicate bauble. Each has a loop on top, allowing you to turn them into unique and eye-catching necklaces.

Tomizu began working with heat-resistant glass at the age of 28, and spent years honing his craft, which has allowed him to grow into the skilled glass worker he is today. Most of his pendants are quite tiny, with an opal in the centre to represent a planet, and flecks of gold scattered within to act as clusters of stars. From different angles the pieces take on a totally new appearance, each intricate swirl and glittery particle catching the light and adding to the rich and hypnotic recreation of a tiny galaxy on a string.