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Amazing cool rubber tree in india

Have you ever before seen a living bridge which is constructed from the roots of the trees naturally ? Enter right into this web link and also get to realise about the bridge which is situated in Meghalaya and made of the root of the rubber tree. This wooden organized bridge is very strong and being stronger every year and also individuals can stroll on it securely too. This distinct and also solid natural bridge could make you surprised for its framework and also expanding history . If you would like to know about this bridge in detail , then click the above discussed link now . So start looking for mawsynram you always needed. If you are trying to check for trees grown in india, you have actually stay on the right blog post.

As Chapple explains about the process, “The skeleton of the bridge is bamboo, with tendrils from the surrounding rubber trees are being fixed onto the structure strand by strand. By the time the bamboo has rotted away, within 6-8 years, locals say the roots of the tree will be able to bear a person’s weight.”

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