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Amazing cool wide island view

You might have discovered the tunnels on the highways or on the mountain bed or on the railway tracks. These tunnels were usually dark with little street lights in about 20-30 meters interval . Have you ever pictured a tunnel which glitters ? Yes this holds true and it has actually occurred recently in Japan. Recently in Japan, during a winter season celebration the authorities of the park has embellished the entire park utilizing the LED lights which has actually turned it into a wonderful place and the design of the park is made in such a way that the entire ground of the park appears like a tunnel being illuminated
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If you happen to be in Japan from now to March 31, 2013, make sure to check out one of Japan’s most stunning displays of light called Winter Illuminations at Nabana no Sato, a botanical garden turned light theme park on the island of Nagashima in Kuwana. Opened just yesterday, it’s been called one of the best winter light shows in all of Japan. The park really outdoes itself by using millions of sparkling LED lights all over the vast grounds including on the water and in the gardens. This year’s theme is “nature” and it promises gorgeous scenes including a beautiful sunrise inspired by Mt. Fuji at dawn, a rainbow across the sky, and even an aurora.

The stars of the show are the famous walk-through tunnels of light that completely envelop the viewer, making it seem as if they’re walking through bright, magical portals. As Joanna Tocher of Wide Island View said, “if you can shut out the noise of the hundreds of people around you it really does feel like you’re stepping into another world.”

Below are some photos taken in year’s past of the gorgeous light tunnels as well as on the grounds. (Bucket list!)

Photo via: Japan Australia blogspost

Photo credit: Andr Sato

Photo credit: Tomo Tang

Photo credit: Tairoy

Photo credit: Jeff and Leizel

Photo via: Panda-moniummm

Photo credit: Michle

Photo credit: Hiroaki Kaneko

Photo credit: Suzu

Photo credit: courtney johnston

Photo credit: Tairoy

Photo credit: Giovanna Calicchio

Photo credit: Misocutlet

Photo credit: Yuhanis Gumay

Photo credit: Victoria Marie

Photo via: Chiara

Photo via: Yusuke Morimoto

Photo credit: tairoy

Photo credit: hiroshi kano

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