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Amazing distinct funny biker stuff

Motor cycle is one of the most common cars you can observe on the roadways of numerous places across the world. There are numerous individuals who use their motor cycles for various functions on regular basis. You might get to see some of them bring different things along with them on their motor cycle and look funny . If you wish to see some of these instances then go through this link now. This link is not just amusing but also uproarious and you will end up being shocked by seeing these individuals on their motor cycles in this unusual position too. So have a look at motorcycle pictures funny right now. If you’re trying to look for funny motor accident, you have come on the cool page.Via:Oddee

This is just sickā€¦the sheep’s not even wearing a helmet! (Source)

After having been photographed riding along a motorway with a barbecue strapped to his body, motorcyclist Michael Wiles, 29, was fined in an Australian court for careless driving. (Source)

Four wheel motorcycle.

School transportation.

I think I know the reason why police is pulling them up. (Source)

Squeezed kid.

Uncomfortable siesta. (Source)

Naughty girl in naughtiest motorcycle. (Source)

Need delivery? (Source)

A family motorcycle.

Maybe he needs a bigger bike. (Source)

I hope he doesn’t get into too many bumps.

Like sardines.

This could cause a lot of accidents.

Motorcycle sleepover. (Source)


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