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Amazing great men in caves

The ” male cave ” is a house design pattern that’s relatively been around forever . Typically confined to a basement or extra bed room, they provide guys a location to pull away from the tensions of everyday life. Since people have these sanctuaries, it’s just fair that women are managed the same high-end with an unique location to call their own. And in truth , these havens do exist and they are referred to as she sheds . Unlike the guy cavern, a she shed is different from the main house and offer the same luxuries that males get in these fantastic however small locations.
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The “man cave” is a home design trend that’s seemingly been around forever. Often confined to a basement or spare bedroom, they offer men a place to retreat from the stresses of everyday life. Since guys have these sanctuaries, it’s only fair that women are afforded the same luxury with a special place to call their own. And in fact, these havens do exist–they’re known as she sheds!

Unlike the man cave, a she shed is separate from the main house. As the name suggests, they’re compact dwellings typically located in the backyard that are roughly the size of a garden hut. Aside from that, however, there are no rules for a she shed and the decor possibilities are endless. Popular uses include craft rooms, reading areas, and yoga studios.

For those that want their own she shed, there are many companies that sell pre-fabricated buildings which can then be accessorized however they like. Many women turn to Pinterest, which has an endless supply of ideas for how to get the most out of this small space. Check out a few refreshing examples, below.

Above Photo credit: StudioShed

Photo credit: StudioShed

Photo credit: Modern Shed

Photo credit: Tia Borg Smidt

Photo credit: Ella Claire

Photo credit: KENJO

Photo source: Lowes

Photo credit: Manuel Villa

Photo credit: Better Homes and Gardens

Photo source: Detail Collective

Photo source: Gardenista

Photo source: The Telegraph

Photo source: Inspired Home Ideas

Photo source: OBN


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